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HomePersonalise Dashboard

  • >Personalise DashBoard -> DashBoard LibraryPersonalise Dashboard by placing various widgets
  • >Restore DashBoardRestore Dashboard to Default format
  • >Refresh AccountsRefresh Accounts to Default


Accounts -> InquireInquiry about Accounts details such as Chq book,lien,Account Statement ,Nominee details etc

  • >Accounts SummaryDetailed statement,mini statement,etc. for all accounts
  • >Operative AccountsDetailed statement,mini statement,etc. for only operative accounts
  • >Deposit AccountsDetails of Deposit Accounts
  • >Loan AccountsDetails of Loan Accounts
  • >PPF AccoutsDetails of PPF Account Linked

Accounts -> RequestRequest for Chq book,TDS details,interest Certificate etc

  • >Interest certificate for Deposit/SavingsGet your interest certificate online
  • >Open OverDraft AccountTo Open OD account
  • >Interest certificate for loansTo generate the interest Certificate for loan
  • >Link your LPG IDNow Link your LPG w/o visiting to Branch
  • >E-Statement RegistrationRegister E-Mail for Monthly Statements
  • >Provisional Certificate for LoansTo generate the Provisional interest Certificate
  • >Tax Deducted at SourceDetails about TDS


Transaction -> Fund TransferTransfers the Fund to self account, within bank account and other Bank accounts

  • >Own AccountsTransfers the funds within accounts of same customer ID or linked customer IDs
  • >Other Andhra Bank AccountsTransfers the funds to accounts within Andhra Bank
  • >Other Bank-NEFT/RTGSTransfers the funds to accounts of Other Bank
  • >IMPS (Instant Transfer 24*7 )Transfers the funds through IMPS 24*7

Transaction -> PaymentsTo make the Payment to Credit card,PPF ,NPS accounts

  • >NPS ContributionTransfer the Funds to NPS linked Accounts
  • >Pay to Own PPF AccountTransfer the Funds to Self PPF Account
  • >Pay to Other Andhra Bank PPF accountsTransfer the Funds to Other Andhra Bank PPF Account

Transaction -> Beneficiary ManagementManaging of Beneficiaries

  • >Add/View/Authorize/Activate PayeeAdd/View/Authorize/Activate Payee details

Transaction -> Transaction statusGet the details successfull,scheduled,complete transaction details

  • >All TransactionsStatus of all transactions
  • >Scheduled TransactionsStatus of only scheduled transactions
  • >Completed TransactionsStatus of only completed transactions
  • >Saved TransactionsStatus of saved transactions

Value Added Services

Value Added Services -> Account services -> Deposit AccountsService request Opening/closing of deposit accounts

  • >Open a Recurring Deposit AccountTo Open the Recurring Deposit account
  • >Open a Term Deposit AccountOpening of Term deposit/
  • >Deposits Account ClosureClosing Deposit accounts
  • >Inquiry for Closed TD accountsSearch your Closed Term Deposits
  • >Deposit Receipt RegenerationGenerate Receipt for Online opened Deposits

Value Added Services -> Account services -> Operative AccountsService request Opening/closing of Operative accounts

  • >Request New Cheque BookRequest a new cheque book instantly
  • >Stop ChequeStop the misplaced cheque payments

Value Added Services
-> Standing Instruction Services related to Standing instruction ie. create,delete,modify etc

  • >AddCreate the new Standing Instruction
  • >Modify Modified the Existing Standing Instruction
  • >DeleteDelete the Existing Standing Instruction
  • >Inquire Inquiry the Existing Standing Instruction

Value Added Services -> Government SchmesServices related to Govt schmes

  • >Apply Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB)Apply for Sovereign Gold Bond
  • >Generate Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) Receip>Generate Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) Receip
  • >Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana(PMJBY)Enroll for >Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojan
  • >Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana(PMSBY)Enroll for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana
  • >Apply Atal Pension Yojana (APY)Enroll for Atal Pension Yojana (APY)
  • >Aadhaar Number Registration Register Aadhaar Number

Value Added Services -> ASBAService for IPO Bid,details etc

  • >IPO/FPO- Bid Price/Lots Detailsdetails of IPO opened for bidding
  • >Apply IPO/FPO OnlineApply for IPO
  • >View IPO/FPO Bid StatusStatus of IPO
  • >Withdraw IPO/FPOWithdraw of IPO

Value Added Services -> Income tax Dept FacilitiesServices related to Government Initiatives

  • >Income Tax E-Filling (Single Signon)E filling througn internet banking
  • >Income Tax Credit Statement(View form 26AS)View and download Form 26AS form traces
  • >Tax Challan Regeneration
    regenerate the Challan from traces

Value Added Services
Services related to Government Initiatives

  • >Inquiry Facility -> Detailed Activity/Transaction Limit InquiryInquire about User Activiy

Value Added Services
Services related to Government Initiatives

  • >Donations -> Donations PayDonations to listed Charity,temple etc

Personal Security Settings

Personal Security Settings -> Software TokenServices realted to Safe-T application

  • >Registration Process DocumentRegistration Process Document for Safe T(OTP on your mobile)
  • >Register Safe-TRegistration for Safe T(OTP on your mobile)
  • >Activate Safe-TActivate the Safe T d
  • >Disable Safe-TDisable Safe-T

Personal Security Settings
-> Transaction PasswordServices realted to Password maintenance

  • >Enable Transaction PasswordEnable your transaction password if transaction facility not avilable
  • >Disable Transaction PasswordDisable your transaction password
  • >Change Login/Transaction Password & userIDChange the transaction password
  • >Generate New Transaction PasswordGenerate the transaction password using Safe-T or Debit Card Details

Card Services

Credit Cards Services related to Credit card

  • >Link/Pay to Linked cardsRegister and Pay to Credit Card
  • >Pay to /unregistered cardsPayment to other bank unregistered Credit Cards

Debit CardsServices related to Debit cards

  • >Debit Card re-issue request New card request service
  • >Debit Card ActivationActivate your debit card
  • >Block Debit Card Block your debit Card if lost